How to help prevent dental plaque, discolouration and tartar?

It is a misconception that dental plaque can only form on natural teeth – dentures are also affected by it. However, you can actively do something to help prevent this! The most important information on this widespread problem as well as tips on preventing discolouration and tartar can be found here:


What causes dental plaque?

Food particles can accumulate, particularly between dentures and natural teeth and between the surface of the dentures and the jaw or oral mucosa. These particles are the starting point for the development of plaque and provide the perfect culture medium for bacteria and fungi in the oral cavity. At every meal, bacteria in the oral cavity transform part of your food into a thin film which clings to the surface of teeth and dentures causing dental plaque. This can lead to bad breath and inflammation as well as tooth decay and periodontosis which are particularly harmful for natural teeth. 

How can I prevent dental plaque?

Dental plaque is a natural phenomenon and as such cannot be completely prevented. It is therefore important that you adopt a thorough oral care routine for your dentures from the outset to minimise plaque formation. 

You must care for your dentures as regularly and intensively as for your own natural teeth. However, routine cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste alone is not enough as this does not have a sufficient antibacterial effect. 

Our tip: We therefore recommend that you use Steradent cleaning tablets twice a day. You can choose between various cleaning products based on your needs. 

What causes tartar and discolouration?

New plaque, which is initially still soft, can become stained when tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and foods with intense colours are consumed. 

After just one day, layers of plaque which have not been removed start to harden and form tartar. Discolouration may in turn be locked into tartar. New plaque accumulates on this ‘mineralised’ plaque very easily. Thus, in very few days, numerous layers of dental plaque may form over one another. 


Our tip: To help restore dentures’ original whiteness we recommend Steradent Pro White