Regular cleaning of your dentures is important? Why?


Why thorough care is necessary

To achieve a healthy and cosmetically-attractive smile, your dentures require just as regular and intensive care as your own natural teeth. Do you want to know why? Here are the most important reasons. 

Without proper care, dentures can cause problems in the oral cavity, as food particles can accumulate, particularly between dentures and natural teeth and between the surface of the dentures and the jaw. These food particles provide an ideal culture medium for bacteria and fungi to colonise and multiply. 

Infrequent cleaning of your dentures may cause more than just bad breath. It may also lead to gum disease and tartar build-up. In turn, this can result in unpleasant moments in everyday life or poor self-confidence in general. 

Regular cleaning can also protect your remaining teeth as infrequent or inadequate cleaning of your denture can ultimately lead to tooth decay in neighbouring natural teeth. Thorough and regular cleaning of dentures is particularly important for wearers of partial dentures in order to protect their own retaining teeth. Thorough cleaning is essential for natural teeth as food particles can accumulate in the joins between natural retaining teeth and dentures. 

Hygienic deep cleaning with Steradent

Make Steradent part of your everyday routine and benefit from its hygienic deep cleaning which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria as well as removing plaque and stains. 

For the best results, we recommend using Steradent cleaning tablets regularly twice a day. Before taking your dentures out or putting them in, it is advisable to place a hand towel in your washbasin. This may prevent damage if you drop your dentures. 

Alternatively, you could fill the washbasin with water. Rinse your dentures briefly under running water to remove any loose plaque. Place one Steradent cleaning tablet together with your denture in a glass.  Leave the cleaning solution for 3 minutes to take effect and discard it immediately afterwards.  Then brush and rinse your dentures under running water before you put them back in your mouth. 

Active oxygen –cleaning for dentures

All Steradent cleaning tablets work with active oxygen. You can find out here exactly what this is and why it is so effective at thoroughly cleaning your dentures: 

When Steradent cleaning tablets dissolve, their active ingredients react with the water and release oxygen radicals (‘active oxygen’) in thousands of concentrated microbubbles. These bubbles are so small that they can reach places inaccessible to a brush. These microbubbles clean in a way which protects the materials. Food particles, stains, dental plaque and bacteria are thus eliminated. 

How Steradent cleaning tablets with active oxygen work:

1. Food particles and bacteria can accumulate between the teeth and under the denture bridge. 

2. Thousands of microbubbles form when the Steradent tablet is dissolved in water. 

3. Active oxygen released by the microbubbles kills bacteria. The intense movement of bubbles on and around the dentures removes food particles without damaging the dentures. 

4. After a few minutes of soaking, the dentures are clean. 

Why should I use Steradent?

If Steradent is used regularly, it is less likely that your dentist will have to manually remove tartar in their practice. Steradent can be used on full and partial dentures. Steradent cleaning tablets with active oxygen leaves your dentures feeling perfectly clean. All Steradent cleaners have been tested to ensure that they do not corrode metal components.